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Agricultural Census

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Agriculture Activity

Agriculture  Exercise:

Buying and Selling Land

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Video Clip

Sugar Beets


Prairie Castles


Township and Range System


Old Time Farming

Link:  USDA Agricultural Census Data


Air Photos of Minnesota

- Field Patterns


Agriculture Brochure 

Link  Minnesota River Virtual Tour and Data

These posters/maps (left and right) are Links for the Minnesota Agricultural Exercise  (each is 11x17 inches)

Links  Minnesota Agriculture Data


Handy Farm Devices

1909 Book

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Older Farm Activities/Machinery

Some Still Used on Farms

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Modern Farm Activities/Machinery

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Instructor Materials

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Student Resources

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Township Maps above

(Wanamingo) &  (Pine Island)

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Links:  How to interpret Air Photos  for the Minnesota Agricultural Exercise

These Air Photos are for the Minnesota Agricultural Exercise


Minnesota Historic Farmsteads Study


Preserving Ag Landscapes


Historic Pipestone


MN Agriculture

Start at 20 minutes

Link: PDF

T & R Buying and Selling Land

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Prairie Path Lecture